June 16, 2021

NC Tornado Damage January 2012

As the western part of NC recovers from the recent tornado damage that destroyed 60 plus homes and businesses and damaged as many as 450 additional homes, American Property Loss Services stands ready to help homeowners navigate the forthcoming maze of the insurance claims process. As homeowners try to schedule to meet with their insurance […]

April 15th Raleigh Tornado Damage – Raleigh and Surrounding Areas

Believe it or not, there are many people that have not finalized their Raleigh tornado damage claim based on this event that occurred almost 9 months ago.  We currently are meeting new clients that have just called us this month to review their NC property damage claims for them.  One client has had 3 Public […]

Hurricane Irene Flood Insurance Claims Hotline to Close 12/9

Anyone that is concerned about their NC Property Damage Claim from Flood Damage from Hurricane Irene should take note.  After this coming Friday, it will be significantly more difficult to get in touch with NFIP to have your claim re-evaluated.  If you are on the fence, now is the time to start making decisions. Remember, […]

Hurricane Irene Proof of Loss Submission Deadline Extended to Jan 23 2012

Because NFIP policyholders continue to encounter difficulties filing timely proofs of loss as a result of the unusual conditions occurring after Hurricane Irene, I am providing a second limited waiver of the time period for filing the proof of loss and hereby authorize an additional 60-day extension of the time period within which a policyholder […]

FEMA Proof of Loss Deadline Looms over Hurricane Irene Flood Victims

In the final hours of Hurricane Irene claims deadlines with FEMA and NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) the seems to be a flurry of activity from the adjusters assigned to the claims in Eastern NC.  Many homeowners are getting calls and emails to hurry up and sign their proofs of loss or else FEMA may […]

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