June 15, 2024

FEMA Proof of Loss Deadline Looms over Hurricane Irene Flood Victims


FEMA Announcements

In the final hours of Hurricane Irene claims deadlines with FEMA and NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) the seems to be a flurry of activity from the adjusters assigned to the claims in Eastern NC.  Many homeowners are getting calls and emails to hurry up and sign their proofs of loss or else FEMA may deny their claim.  Some of these homeowners have already submitted their own proof of loss documents, but with numbers they have prepared based on the estimates they have gotten – not the insurance company adjuster’s numbers.

The adjusters are saying “sign ours, and submit a supplement later”.  Why sign a document that has numbers everyone knows are wrong?  Why try and fix it later?  What is the incentive to not correct problems now?

While there are many possible answers to the questions, the underlying theme seems to be hurry up and don’t worry about the estimates.

Taking this apparently brazen attitude in mind, and hearing what NC Governor Perdue is saying, a good number of people may be in for a fight.

At the request of Gov. Beverly Perdue and Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, the National Flood Insurance Program will reinspect some flood insurance claims resulting from Hurricane Irene in North Carolina. The inspections will begin immediately.

Helping the families, businesses and farmers who suffered damage from Hurricane Irene is critically important,” Gov. Perdue said. “We appreciate our federal partners responding to our requests and the needs of our communities. We will continue to push for every possible bit of assistance from the federal government.

Also, Bob Etheridge, the Governor’s Advisor for Hurricane Irene Recovery, and Goodwin requested help from FEMA’s flood insurance claims program director. In a letter to FEMA, Etheridge and Goodwin asked that claims adjusters reevaluate the initial inspections and follow up on inspections that were scheduled but not completed.

It is important for these claims to be evaluated properly and paid as quickly as possible so that these survivors can continue to rebuild their lives

Make sure you understand what is being offered, and on what terms.  Don’t feel pressured into taking anything you are not happy with.  Call us anytime for a free claims consultation.

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