June 15, 2024

NC Property Damage Claim Review

Your Insurance Company Will Examine Your NC Property Damage Claim

The insurance company will then examine your NC property damage claim, and adjust it if they disagree with your claim analysis. Often the company adjuster’s analysis and our analysis will be different. It is important that you know that as your licensed NC Public Adjuster, part of our job is to negotiate on your behalf to get the North Carolina property damage claim settled. The insurance carrier’s adjuster represents the insurance company and is negotiating on its behalf. They usually do not know what you actually lost and many items are overlooked or not presented by you.

Property Damage Claim Form
Property Claim Form

If you and your insurance carrier can not agree on the loss or feel that the estimate is very low, seek help.You may want to hire a licensed public insurance adjuster, such as a licensed North Carolina Public Adjuster from American Property Loss, to negotiate the claim. Some claims can be resolved through an appraisal process involving independent appraisers. Look at your policy to see if it provides for an appraisal, and hire professional help if you decide to initiate the appraisal procedure.

If you do not agree with the settlement that your insurance company has provided, you may contact them directly and explain your side of the issue and include supporting documentation. You can also contact your state insurance department to discuss the settlement disagreement. A state insurance department representative will contact the insurance company and try to resolve the situation on your behalf. American Property Loss strongly suggests using one of our NCa Public Adjusters to get you through this whole process without a lot of the aggravation. Your final resort is to contact an attorney and provide them with your North Carolina homeowners insurance policy and any other documentation. Remember that once you have consulted an attorney, the adjuster, your insurance company and your agent will only be able to communicate with the lawyer.

At American Property Loss, our NC Public Adjuster’s main goal is to make sure your NC property damage claim is settled to your satisfaction. We won’t let our clients occur the added expense of hiring an attorney to handle their settlement.

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