April 25, 2024

Wilmington Public Adjuster NC Services

Contact LOCAL Wilmington Public Adjuster NC Service to guide you through your North Carolina property damage claim

House pushed off foundation by hurricane

House pushed off foundation by hurricane - Major property damage

Wilmington property damage happens in all sorts of different ways and your Wilmington Public Adjuster should know them all.  The one we always hear about is hurricanes. Historically, North Carolina, and particularly Wilmington, is a landfall spot for Atlantic hurricanes.  As we saw with Hurricane Irene in 2011, claims with hurricane damage can get complex pretty quickly and often involve flooding and wind damage.

In spite of hurricanes, there are a lot of other things that happen in the Wilmington NC area that can damage your home.   Frequently, North Carolina damage claims can be the result of a single event such as straight-line winds, a nasty line of thunderstorms with heavy lightning, or maybe water damage from a washing machine gone crazy. Regardless of your specific NC property damage, know that our Wilmington Public Adjusters have handled all of them.

Who is representing you?

The insurance company sends out their own claims adjuster.  That claims adjuster is paid by the insurance company to represent their best interests in what should generally be an honest and fair process. But what if there’s a gray area? Or something that’s NOT so clearly defined?  The loyalty is to the person handing you the paycheck.

When there is a large event, such as a hurricane, insurance adjusters can get overloaded with large numbers of cases and can very possibly overlook small issues. It’s possible that a few big ones can be left out too. At the end of the settlement, those items that were missed can add up to you receiving a whole lot less than you expect. And when it comes time to either repair or rebuild your property, what ARE you going to do?  Our local Wilmington Public Claims Adjusters work to make sure that we find all your property damage and make sure that it’s properly listed in the homeowner insurance claim.

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What you need is someone on YOUR side to find and document your losses completely and thoroughly.  When property damage losses are documented properly and thoroughly, and in the form your insurer wants to see them, your insurance company is  far more likely to pay out that claim as submitted.  And that’s what American Property Loss’ local Wilmington Public Adjusters do for you.

Wilmington Public Adjuster NC – Get the true and FULL value of your claim

A licensed Wilmington Public Adjuster can maximize your property damage claim.  Don’t confuse the role of a NC Public Adjuster though. Our goal is NOT to “stick it to the insurance company.”    Some claims can get a little touchy between your NC Public Adjuster and your insurance company. Our Wilmington Public Adjusters are simply focused on getting you the true value of your property damage claim.  We do this by documenting your NC property damage claim thoroughly and then simply getting the full benefit of the homeowners insurance policy paid to you.  While that sounds easy enough, it can take a serious and knowledgeable professional at times to do the behind-the-scenes work.

Following are some causes of local Wilmington homeowners insurance claims and where American Property Loss local Wilmington Public Adjuster NC services can help you!

  • Fire Damage Wilmington NC
  • Hurricane Damage Wilmington NC
  • Tornado Damage Wilmington NC
  • Wind Damage Wilmington NC
  • Flood Damage Wilmington NC
  • Hail Damage Wilmington NC
  • Ice Damage Wilmington NC

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