July 21, 2024

Nov 17 – American Property Loss Services Meets with NFIP, FEMA and NC Department of Insurance

American Property Loss Services was in attendance yesterday in Pamilco County NC to meet with representatives from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), FEMA and the NC Department of Insurance to try and gain some insight into the status of Hurricane Irene Flood Claims.

Less than 50 people turned out to ask questions about their claim; in an area where 1000’s of homes were flooded.  Less than 50.

But for those that did turn out, the large amount of information (and the clearing up of misinformation) was tremendous.  Many of the damaged items being claimed by homeowners and their contractors that have been being “denied by the catastrophe adjuster” have been done so incorrectly.  There are a great number of independent insurance companies that are writing flood claims that may not fully understand the coverages they are making judgments on.

A great example of a coverage question is how much damage in an “attached garage” is covered?  Many flood adjusters are saying there is no coverage in an attached garage.  But, according to the NFIP and NC Dept. of Insurance folks, that is completely incorrect.  Coverage depends on the age of the home; either pre-FIRM or post-Firm and the height of the first elevated floor.  There are many examples of homes that have covered damages that have been denied by the first adjuster.

American Property Loss Service’s NC Public Adjusters are ready to go back and revisit these inaccuracies and help homeowners get their damages covered and paid for.  We are ready to inspect the home, prepare a new estimate and then present it to the correct people that can approve the covered damages so you can get the money you need to repair your home.

Call us today for your NC Hurricane Irene property damage  free claim review at 252-497-2750.

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