May 29, 2024

North Carolina Water Damage Claims

NC Water Damage Insurance Claims

NC Water Damage - Public Adjuster

NC Water Damage – Public Adjuster

Water damage to your home can be expensive and time-consuming to repair. The clean up could be worse if you don’t remove water or wait too long to clean up. In the case of widespread flooding damaging your North Carolina home near bodies of water, this isn’t often an option. However, if you have broken pipe at the root of the problem, getting the water turned off pronto is your biggest concern. Then getting the water off the floor, carpet, etc is of vital importance.  then you have to worry about the stuff that you DON’T see…

NC Water Damage Surprise

There is nothing more disheartening than to get home after a long day of work and see water pouring out of your front door. We know. It’s happened to us before. The wet front steps were the tip off. Opening the door, you discover a couple standing inches of water – of course the rest has washed out the front door… Water has soaked into all your furniture legs, room units. If you had any pressboard type furniture, it’s now expanding rapidly and swelling. It will become unstable shortly if not already.  Books, magazines are all soaked if they were near the floor – ruined.

That water damage won’t be stopping at the walls – nope. Not at all.  The water that is on your floor is now creeping up your walls – going up in the plaster, soaking into your paneling – unless your interior walls are brick or concrete, you’re going to have water damage in your walls.  Unless those walls are taken care of, you have a strong possibility of mold damage eventually cropping up too. Have you considered that?

Going to Dry Out Those Closets?

Water flows easily from room to room – or worse – flows downhill if you have had a leak upstairs. People immediately get to cleaning up the water that they see – but there is so much water that you aren’t going to see or think about. Yes, your closets are wet. If your closets are like most, you have stuff stacked in the bottom. It all needs to be pulled out to dry. A good hour long burst pipe can take hours to quickly tidy up but days to thoroughly dry things out. And will those things be usable when it’s all over?

Our NC Public Adjusters Know Where to Look

You need to call a public adjuster to help you sort through your NC water damage issues. Our public adjusters know what to look for and why – and they also know where your insurance company is going to try to short you.  They HOPE you don’t find or think about all the damage that will have occurred.

North Carolina Homeowners insurance policies don’t cover all types of water damage. For example, some policies may not cover damages caused by sudden and accidental water leaks or sewer back-ups. Companies might also require inspections and certifications after certain types of water damage is repaired. It’s important that you read your policy carefully to understand your policy’s coverage before submitting a Homeowners Insurance Claim for Flood Damage.

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