July 21, 2024

Grilling and Fire Pit Tips to Prevent Damage

Public adjusters NC fire damage adjusterFires in and around your home can be devastating, expensive, and dangerous. When the weather is nice, spending time outside with your grill or fire pit can be a fun part of getting together with family and friends, but it is important to take the correct steps to prevent accidental fires.

When a fire does occur, a fire damage adjuster can help you work with your homeowner’s insurance to recover after a fire. But, preventing a fire is the best way to avoid costly and upsetting damage.

These tips will help you make your outdoor time relaxing and worry free, without concern of fire hazards.

Place grills and fire pits in an open area, away from any structures or overhangs

Grills, fire pits, and other sources of flame should only be used outdoors. What many do not know is that using a grill or fire pit too close to your home, under a deck or overhang, or below tree branches and other vegetation is a potential fire risk. Heat and flame from the grill can quickly and suddenly spread to structures too close to the grill, and cause severe destruction. Keep grills and fire pits at least 10 feet from your home and anything else flammable. This separation reduces the risk of a fire starting by a leaky gas hose or grease from your cooking spreading to nearby buildings.

Make sure kids and animals stay away

It is important that children and pets stay back at least three feet from your grill, fire pit, or any open fire. Young kids and pets are unable to keep themselves safe from burns and other fire related injuries. Knocking the grill over or accidentally turning a grill on,  could quickly spread a fire in the surrounding area. Similarly, when serving alcohol at a BBQ or other outdoor event with a grill or fire pit, make sure people who are intoxicated also stay away from the fire.

Keep fuel away from heat sources

Many people use starter fluid, charcoal fluid, or propane with their grills. It is important always to keep track of where you put containers of flammable fuel and make sure never to leave them near sources of heat. Leaving fuel on a heat source can cause fast moving fires or even explosions.

This summer, be sure to keep your family, friends, and home safe by using grills and fire pits with thought and care.

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