July 21, 2024

Fire Damage Prevention For The Summer Season

Public Adjuster fire damageThere are more than 2,500 deaths and over 12,600 injuries each year that are caused by home fires in the United States. The direct loss of property caused by these fires is estimated to be around $7.3 billion. Most home fires break out in the kitchen while cooking and this is also the leading cause of injuries from home fires. The common causes of house fires at night include discarded cigarettes, heating appliances too close to furniture, and sparks from fireplaces. While there are numerous causes for a home fire, there is one thing that is certain – no matter what the reason, home fires can be prevented!

In this article, we take a look at some of the best tips for fire damage prevention that you can follow for preventing a tragedy:


  • When broiling, grilling, or frying food, stay in the kitchen. If you have to go away from the kitchen, even for a brief period of time turn off the heat on the stove before leaving.
  • Wear tightly rolled, short, or close-fitting sleeves when you are cooking.
  • It is recommended that you do not cook when you are drunk, taking medicine that causes drowsiness, or are sleepy.
  • Position the barbeque grill more than 10 feet from the house siding and the deck railings. Also ensure that they are no overhanging tree branches.

Appliance and Electrical Safety:

  • If there are any worn, damaged, or old appliance cords, replace them immediately. Ensure that the cords are not running under furniture or rugs because frayed wires can be the cause of fires.
  • If you have an appliance that has a three-way, plug then use it with a three-way outlet only! Never try to force it into an extension cord or a two-way outlet, even if it works.
  • Make use of extension cords wisely and ensure that they are never overloaded. This is one of the most common causes of home fires.
  • If a light is flickering or a light switch is hot to touch then immediately shut them off and replace them.

Portable Heaters:

  • Keep flammable and combustible objects more than three feet from a heating device.
  • Check to ensure that the heater is equipped with a mechanism for thermostat control and will automatically switch off in case it falls over.
  • Only make use of K-1 kerosene in heaters that use kerosene gas. Never overfill these heaters and keep them in a well-ventilated room.

Following these tips for fire damage prevention will help keep you and your loved ones from experiencing a house fire.

If you do experience a house fire, contact Public Adjusters at 919-299-6999 to assist with your insurance claims.

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