May 29, 2024

Tips to Consider When Claiming Fire Insurance

Public Adjusters NC fire damage adjusterA fire in a home can be a devastating event.  Homeowners have to deal with the loss of shelter, personal property, and memories.  The damage is vast from actual burning to smoke damage to water damage.  A now when dealing with this very emotional event, the homeowner has to deal with an insurance company.   During this is when people should seek the assistance of a Fire Damage Adjuster.  A public adjuster will work for the homeowner to claim the money required for repairing their fire-damaged home.  When preparing a claim, the adjuster can help in these areas:

Request an Advance

Fire is an unforeseen incident; property owners do not have time to collect items before evacuating the premises. The lack of shelter and necessities can become a disastrous situation for any person as it hinders their normal lifestyle. However, an insurance company should be ready to offer an advance before the full claim is released.  The full extent of the damage may take some time to assess fully, but an advance on the settlement will take care of immediate needs.

Build an Inventory

Don’t get rid of anything until the final claim is made.  Tossing items before a list being created may result in not being compensated for those things. Photograph everything that is damaged.  Having a home inventory before the fire will be a great help because it is evidence of items in the home.   Creating a home inventory by photo or video is well worth the time it takes.

Immediate Notification

It is a wise move to contact the respective insurance agent as soon as the incident occurs and get the process started right away. Have this information on hand before contacting the agent:

  • Date of the incident
  • Location of the property
  • Description of the damage
  • Any Injuries sustained
  • Present condition of the property
  • Inventory of the damaged goods
  • Immediate repairs required
  • Police report, if needed

Keep records of all telephone conversations and correspondence this will help later if there is a dispute about the settlement.

Secure the Property

Preventing the property from further damage after the loss is vital.  Insurance companies expect this, and may not pay for additional losses if precautions were not taken.  For a total loss, this is not applicable.  Preventative steps can include:

  • Covering holes in roof or walls to protect from the elements
  • Protecting from looters (via fencing or boarded up windows)
  • Removing undamaged items to prevent loss or damage

A public adjuster works for the homeowner and guides them through this process.  Their professional services can help homeowners receive the compensation they deserve when a disaster strikes.

For more information, contact Public Adjuster NC at 919-299-6999.

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