April 25, 2024

Can a Public Adjuster Help With Hail Damage?

Public Adjuster NC hail damageGetting the assistance of a public adjuster to handle hail damage claim is a wise decision. By following this approach, you can avoid many complications and get the compensation you deserve for the damage due to hail.

Although claiming hail damage sounds pretty simple, when it comes to practical situations, things can be pretty challenging for any property owner. Filling out necessary forms without any errors can be a complicated task for many people. If you allow the insurance company to handle the entire process, don’t expect the best compensation. Insurance companies are looking at their bottom line and want to pay out the least amount they can.  It is always better to seek the assistance of a public adjuster to assess and file your hail damage claim. Otherwise, some property owners end up with payouts that are only enough for partial repairs.

It is true that your public adjuster may charge you a percentage of your claim in return for the service offered. However, you have someone to stand by your side, prepare your documents and protect you from the underestimated claims of your insurance company. Although a public adjuster cannot ‘earn’ you an amount that exceeds the value of your policy, such a professional can get the most reasonable amount.

If you go along with the insurance company and their adjuster, in most circumstances,  they will apply depreciation to the property (i.e., roof, windows, siding). However, if you have hired a public adjuster, he or she will negotiate with the representative of the insurance company and try to get you the best possible claim. During these negotiations is when the experience, knowledge, and skills of the adjuster matter. Some insurance companies may question if the damage was caused by hail and may dispute your claim. Your public adjuster can stand solidly with you and provide strong evidence to justify your claim.

Public adjusters are experts in the field of insurance, and they are ready to present the insurance companies with solid facts. Particularly, when it comes to situations like hail damage, things can be pretty complicated, and insurance companies have better chances of paring down your claims by putting various doubts on the table. Therefore, hiring a public adjuster to handle the hail damage claim is a smart move for any policyholder.

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