March 3, 2024

Property Insurance Claim Adjusters And Dealing With Catastrophe Claims

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people have to file a property damage claim with their insurance company and every year, more and more homeowners and business owners are turning to Property Insurance Claim Adjusters to handle this for them. The reason behind this is that policyholders are now learning that insurance companies have a tendency to underpay them on a property loss claim.

Insurance Claim Adjusters are called by different names in different parts of the country. In Florida they are called “Public Insurance Adjusters”. In other parts of the country, they are labeled as “Independent Claim Adjusters”. They all do the exact same job, which is to represent the policy holder in getting every penny that they deserve from the insurance company. Whether is it a catastrophe claim, a theft claim, a flood, or many other types of property damage, a Claim Adjuster works strictly for the policy holder.

The difference between a Claims Adjuster and an Adjuster that works for the insurance company is very precise. An insurance company Adjuster works for, and is paid by, the insurance company. This means that they only have the Insurance Company’s interests in mind. A Claim Adjuster works strictly for the policy owner and has only their best interests in mind. The difference in property loss funds that are given to a policy holder can differ greatly depending on the route you take when filing for a property damage claim.

More people are now turning straight to a Claims Adjuster when they have damage, but that is not the only time that they may be necessary. In most States, a policyholder has up to five years to reopen an insurance claim. In this instance, a Claims Adjuster will reevaluate the damage from a past claim and decide whether or not enough funds were given by the insurance company. A large sum of policy holders are finding out that, in fact, they were not paid properly for past damage and it is in their best interest, financially, to reopen the claim to try and recover those additional funds.

Whatever you decide, it is a good idea to seek the second opinion of a Claims Adjuster on your past or present insurance claims.

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