April 25, 2024

My House Burned – and Now the Insurance Company Wants to Burn Me

Public Adjusters NC Fire Damage AdjusterFire and smoke damage are horrible and could happen to you at any time.  It can turn your entire life ­upside down — your property,  possessions, furniture, and belongings.  During this period all your thoughts are diverted to the insurance companies to cover the damage sustained and to recover all losses.

To claim and to receive compensation from your insurance company is not always easy and is itself a nasty business.  The insurance companies try hard to prove the damage caused by the fire is less than you expect and your claim is not justified.

Here is good news for the residents of North Carolina, if you ever get in a row with insurance companies due to fire and smoke damage, just contact Public Adjusters.  A fire damage adjuster will help you recover the loss, and they will build a strong case for your insurance claim. They offer consultation services, accurate estimates of the damage, and the reconstruction estimates for your property.

My friend got in a battle with the insurance company after the fire destroyed 70% of the house.  Luckily, he was not at home when the incident took place.  He was devastated seeing his house burning. Recovering from this unfortunate reality, he contacted his insurance company to claim the loss.  The insurance company gave him a hard time to justifying the claim. The money that they offered was insufficient to reconstruct the house. Having heard of Public Adjusters from a friend, he contacted them.  They helped him with the burdensome  paperwork and fought his case with precision and full determination.  With the help of Public Adjusters, he rebuilt his house without compromising on even the minor details.


Here are some of the tips to follow if you need to file a claim for fire or smoke damage.  Make a list of the following:

  • Document when the fire broke out (date and time)
  • Type of loss (fire or smoke)
  • Is damage minor or major?
  • Was anyone injured by the fire?
  • List all items that were damaged due to the fire. (Take photos, if possible)
  • Contact the insurance company immediately. (Note date and times of all phone calls)

For best results hire a Public Adjuster at 919-299-6999.

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