June 15, 2024

NC Public Adjuster in Morehead City NC – Free Property Damage Claim Review

NC Public Adjuster in Morehead City NC

Hurricane Irene - Arapahoe NC damaged home

Hurricane Irene - Arapahoe NC damaged home

MOREHEAD CITY, NC – For homeowners having continuing (or just starting to have) issues with Hurricane Irene property damage claims near the North Carolina coast, American Property Loss NC Public Adjuster services will be in the Crystal Coast area today and throughout the week.  We will be doing follow up visits with existing property damage clients in Oriental NC, Arapahoe NC, Morehead City NC and New Bern NC.  While we’re there, we are available to speak to new clients just starting their claims process – or struggling through it.

Free NC Property Damage Claim Review

If you experienced property damage during Hurricane Irene and have gotten either a low insurance settlement offer from your insurance company, or worse, been denied on your property damage claim, this would be a great time to talk to a licensed professional NC Public Adjuster, at no cost to you, about your hurricane damage claim.

Did you get a low estimate from your insurance company adjuster?

If you have followed our posts, the state of North Carolina has had some serious misgivings about some of the property damage claim assessments by a number of insurance claims adjusters that descended on North Carolina following Hurricane Irene.  This should be enough alone to cause a little questioning of assessments that were given to homeowners on the North Carolina coast.

Insurance claims adjusters were slammed during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and very likely DID miss items on your NC property damage claim. If you would like to talk to us  about your claim, we can give you a knowledgeable and experienced review of your claim at no cost. If we feel that there is room for improvement and that amending your claim would be worthwhile for you, the homeowner,  we’ll let you know.  If we think you have gotten a fair estimate from your insurance company, we’ll let you know that too.

Our NC Public Adjusters will be down on the coast, so contact us to schedule a free appointment for your property damage claim review now!

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