April 25, 2024

Mar 31 2012 – Category 4 Hail event for West Raleigh and Cary areas

If you live between the downtown Cary and NC State, you probably saw up to golf ball sized hail last night.  Many areas west of NC State saw wind and hail lasting less than an hour, but what came down could have caused a good bit of roof damage.  Many areas had piles of hail on the ground when people got up this morning.

Many insurance adjusters will not walk on your roof, either due to the height or the steepness of the roof.  How can the insurance company pay for damage that they will not go on the roof to see?  That’s where we help show the damages to the insurance company and prepare an estimate for repairs for the adjuster.

If you think you have a hail damage claim, call us first for a free claim review.  Local contact number 919 – 810 – 7682.

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