May 29, 2024

Another Major Hail Storm Hits the Raleigh Area June 1st

As the summer storms start, June 1st saw another Category 3 hail event, with localized reports of hail up to 1.75″.  Hail this size can easily damage roofs, siding, gutters, heating equipment and many other building components – and most of this type of damage is easily overlooked until bigger problems appear later.  Flat commercial roofs are usually hit harder by these storms if the roofing membrane is exposed.  Hail damage to roofs can weaken the shingles and cause them to leak, maybe slowly and over a long period of time.

The worst part, is long term damage is normally excluded from coverage on most insurance policies.

If you have property (residential or commercial) in an ares that has been hit hard by these storms, have your property inspected by a reputable contractor to determine if you have damage.  If you think you have damage, call in the claim as required by your policy and start the claims process as soon as possible to avoid any questions as to when and how the damage occurred.

American Property Loss Services, Inc., as always, is standing by to assist any property owner that needs assistance in settling their claim.

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